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What is coaching?                                                               


Coaching is a proven method for helping people get where they want to be in their careers and in their lives. In coaching, we believe that you are naturally creative, resourceful and whole. You are the only expert on you, and you don’t need more advice or another person telling you what to do. Coaching provides a safe, supportive space for you to talk through your vision for your life as well as the obstacles in your way. It invites you to try on new perspectives and experiment with options. Coaching supports you in planning your path forward to achieve your goals, maximize your potential and make lasting change.




Why do people partner with coaches?                                       


Many people confuse coaching with other things - therapy, counseling, training, mentoring, etc. Coaching is distinctly different from these other modalities in that it is future-focused, anti-advice and less about teaching that it is about helping you to learn.


Coaching doesn't provide motivation to change. Only once you have found the motivation inside of yourself will coaching be able to help you accelerate your progress toward your goals.


Many people choose to begin a partnership with a coach when they are faced with making (or dealing with) a change in their lives. Change is difficult, and while we are resourceful and resilient as human beings, we are also social creatures who are designed to rely on each other for survival.  

When we are trying to work out a decision or solve a problem in our own head, we can often get derailed by distraction or stalled by our own echo chamber of self-doubt. When we go to a trusted friend for advice, we can sometimes hear things that may have worked for them, but we know won’t work for us (fun fact: our brains are actually wired to RESIST advice!). Talking things through with a coach who is trained to listen, observe and ask powerful questions can yield truly transformational results that we likely wouldn’t have reached on our own.


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