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Job Interview

Resume and Interview Coaching

Our quest for less stress and more ease in our lives often results in a decision to make a change.

Quite often, this change is our job.

But one of the most stressful parts of the job search is writing a resume and cover letter. In my 10 years in Human Resources, I haven’t met a single person who doesn’t dread the process.


I'm pretty confident in saying that the intimidation of the resume writing process is topped only by the sheer terror of the interview process.

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If you:

  • Are currently looking for a new job (or even just thinking about the possibility)

  • Haven’t updated your resume in a while and don’t know where to start

  • Struggle to capture your skills and experience in a way that you feel showcases your true value to a potential employer

  • Never know what to write in a cover letter (or if you even need one!)

  • Never feel prepared enough for interviews, no matter how many times you practice

  • Feel so nervous when you get to the interview that you forget everything you wanted to say

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Resume Coaching


What's included ($75):

  • Review of your current resume and any relevant job description(s) (via email)

  • 30-45 minute coaching session providing feedback and then coaching through changes you’d like to make


Optional follow up (+$25):

  • Review of updated resume and additional feedback (via email)

Interview Coaching


What's included:

  • Review of your current resume and any relevant job description(s) (via email)

  • 60-minute coaching session on interview challenge(s) identified by you (i.e. stage fright, feeling unprepared, communication skills, confidence, eye contact, etc.)

Book both together and save 15%!

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