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I am a recovering perfectionist, former HR professional, mom to a preschooler and work/life coach. I am known for my thoughtful compassion and ability to listen with empathy. I am passionate about lifelong learning and fostering acceptance, belonging and connection in the world.


My mission is to help people find answers inside themselves so they can break free from what the world tells them to be and live life on their own terms.


I help people help themselves. There are enough experts and gurus in the world, and people are stronger and more resourceful than they think. I help them to see and believe in their own strength so that they can live their lives on purpose.


I find inspiration in music, dance, mindfulness meditation and finding moments of awe in the mundane.


I welcome clients from all walks of life. I believe that Science is Real, Women’s Rights are Human Rights, Black Lives Matter, No Person is Illegal, Love is Love, and Diversity Makes Us Stronger.


I was born and raised in Michigan.  I loved to read (especially books that challenged my beliefs) and was known for being very analytical. My friends would come to me for advice because I was a great listener. In junior high, I often offered my fellow students a free “word association analysis,” which was mostly a non-scientific personality test that I made up. I graduated from the University of Michigan with a B.A. in Sociology.

I fell into my career in Human Resources.  After graduating during a recession, I spent a few years utilizing my strengths in organizing and attention to detail in various administrative jobs. In 2010, I took my first recruiting job. Over the next 10 years, I worked my way through recruiting, to general HR, to an HR director position at a tech startup. What I loved about HR was getting to work with people every day and feeling like I could help make their day/job better. But ultimately, the more HR responsibilities I took on, the further I got from working directly one-on-one with people. After losing my job in 2020, I decided to leave HR and find a new path more aligned with my passions.

Coaching transformed me. I have worked with several coaches over the last couple of years, and coaching has completely shifted my mindset toward my personal and professional life. As I began to explore coaching as a career, something inside of me lit up. Coaching has allowed me to get back to working directly with people and help them to help themselves. To me, there is nothing more fulfilling than empowering others and supporting them in finding their own answers and strength to make the changes they want to see in their own lives. While my friends used to come to me for advice, these days people come to me because I am able to listen deeply with empathy without becoming part of their story, which allows me to connect with people from a place of integrity, honesty and genuine care while also utilizing my analytical mind to help them make connections they have not been able to make yet on their own.

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