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5 Things I Learned in 2020 (Part 1/5)

In 2020, I discovered mindfulness - being fully present in a given moment and observing it without reaction or judgment.

Mindfulness led me to start a regular meditation practice, but mindfulness isn’t just about meditation. As mindfulness expert Jon Kabat-Zinn, professor, author and founder of The Center for Mindfulness, states:

“Mindfulness is not another thing to add to your To Do list. It is a way of being in relationship with everything that is on your To Do list.”

We can practice mindfulness when we:

  • Focus on doing one task at a time

  • Take a few breaths to center ourselves

  • Literally stop and smell the roses (engaging our senses is one of the easiest ways to start practicing mindfulness!)

Through neuroplasticity, mindfulness has helped me train my brain to insert a pause after a stimulus and to respond instead of react. It has also helped me to conquer feelings of fear, self-doubt and anxiety by allowing them to be, observing them without judgement, and then practicing self-compassion to move through them.

Ultimately, mindfulness has been a much-needed reminder for me to hold space to really connect with myself and cultivate my self-awareness. It also reminds me to slow down and pay attention to what’s going on around me, so that I don’t miss a single second of my life.

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