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Change is part of life.


Whether it’s change we want to make (but don’t know how or feel stuck in), or change that was unexpected (but that we must now deal with), we all encounter it at multiple points in our lives.


Even with all the motivation and tenacity in the world, sometimes we all feel a bit stuck. We might know what we need to do, but can’t figure out how to move the roadblock that seems to be in our way (or articulate exactly what it is). Or we may not have any idea what to do next, but we know that we want/need to move forward.

You don’t have to do it alone.


Change is difficult, and while we are resourceful and resilient as human beings, we are also social creatures who are designed to rely on each other for survival. 


I'm here to provide a safe, supportive space for you to share everything that’s in your head with someone who is there to listen to it all. I can be a trusted partner with whom you can try on new perspectives and experiment with options, without feeling the pressure to endure advice or reciprocate the listening (as you would for a friend or family member). 

Think of me as your unbiased thinking partner.

If you're feeling...

  • Exhausted trying to chase the elusive “work/life balance” that we have been promised is the solution to our stress and anxiety of everyone relying on us to “do it all”

  • Like you’re always in a rush, striving to get everything done and fulfill all of your obligations with no time to rest

  • Stressed out and anxious about doing and BEING enough for everyone who relies on you (employer, teammates, family, friends, etc.)

  • Like you’re mindlessly moving through the day, checking off the boxes, but not actually moving FORWARD in your life

My coaching can help you...

  • Determine for yourself what you want and what matters to you

  • Give yourself permission to let go of the things that don’t make that list

  • Set and hold your boundaries to keep your focus and energy on your goals

So you can...

  • Live in your own perfect blend of effort and ease

  • Savor and enjoy each day of your life instead of feeling like you’re pushing (or being dragged) through it

  • Lead from your strengths, gain awareness around your challenges and focus your growth on closing the gap.

  • Find the right balance that supports both your passions and your family, helping you feel fulfilled in both.

Ready to get started?

Green Succulent Plant
1 Month


We'll target a specific work/life goal you'd like to work on and bring your focus to what you want, what's holding you back, and how to find a new strategy to move forward.

What You'll Get:

  • 2 biweekly 1:1 coaching sessions (60 mins each)

  • Email/text support

Investment: $250.00

Succulent Leaves 2
2 Months


We'll dive a bit deeper into what's beneath your anxiety, stress and burnout and co-create strategies for you to find freedom in setting the boundaries needed to keep your energy on your goals.

What You'll Get:

  • 4 biweekly 1:1 coaching sessions (60 mins each)

  • Email/text support

Investment: $400.00

Green and Purple Succulents
3 Months


We'll work to uncover how how your values and beliefs shape the way you show up in your work/life, and partner to help you create a "work/life blend" that feels fulfilling to you.



What You'll Get:

  • 6 biweekly 1:1 coaching sessions (60 mins each)

  • Email/text support

Investment: $550.00

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